Let me think. About? What is this about? I’m not sure, and my uncertainty might be the strongest asset of this blog called “The Alembic.” The apparatus known as an alembic is a fairly simple device used in laboratory work to alter, extract, purify, or destroy certain chemical mixtures. The results usually depend on the nature of the chemicals involved, heat, and the skill or lack thereof possessed by the experimenter. Of course these tests are traditionally run in small glass bulbs under careful warming and cooling in a closed environment, with results that are usually fairly predictable.

My alembic is the big strange world out there and as such many elements both suitable and unsuitable for combination will be thrown together by me in the name of something not quite like science even remotely, in the slightest, at all. More in the name of adventure, I suppose, and of course most useful discoveries happen by accident. In my quest to identify the weird in the commonplace or the commonplace in the weird, I shall do my best to fulfill as many of the definitions as possible to that most diverse and grand of words…that is, the word we began with, the word “about.”

The word “about” can mean many things. It can mean almost or approximately, and I intend to miss my mark entirely in some writings. It can mean in a reversed position, as in about-face, or in no particular direction at all, for that matter. Thusly I will wander about, sidestep, retreat. It can mean in the vicinity or surrounding, on all sides, closing in. It can mean ready or prepared to do something, and that I am. It can mean astir, or moving, being in evidence or existence and I intend it to be just that, a child of the big spark, dizzy from the fumes, untying the wind on a stagnant day, roping the blizzard, in search of the strangest explanation possible for everything and trying to concoct that grandest of all the elixirs, humor.

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